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People on the move: laws & HR responses: Itinerant cultures

Subjects: Law, Refugee Studies

Irish Travellers

 In O’Leary & Others v Punch Retail & Others (Westminster County Court 29 August 2000) Irish travellers challenged a “No Travellers” sign in a pub. 

Judge Goldstein at a preliminary hearing at Central London County Court in 2000 held that the Race Relations Act should cover Irish travellers as an ethnic group. He pointed to their shared history: "Modern Irish travellers are guided by the culture and traditions which have been handed down by generations. They do not go around reading history, they practise it."

Quotation from viewed 11 November 2016

Roma or Romani

Romanies -- Legal status, laws, etc.

Romanies -- Civil rights

UK Race Relations Act & amendments and the Equality Act 2010

Commission for Racial Equality v Dutton [1989] IRLR 8 decided that a sign displayed in a pub saying “No Travellers” was discriminatory as  Romany Gypsies are a racial/ethnic group