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People on the move: laws & HR responses: People on the Move

Subjects: Law, Refugee Studies

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People on the Move: getting started

How do individual nations and the international community states respond to those who choose to try life in another country, or are driven to do so by

  • war or civil conflict
  • human rights abuses
  • ethnic cleansing, genocide
  • famine
  • natural or environmental disasters (such as flooding)
  • ecological disasters (such as accidents in the petrochemical industry)
  • developmental/economic projects
  • forced relocation
  • enforced disappearance
  • criminal exploitation

and those stripped of their original nationality/citizenship by the discriminatory policy of a state.

Some of the tabs (above)/pages may need explanation

  • Refugees - those whose flight to safety takes them across country/nation state borders
  • IDPs - Internally Displaced Peoples - those whose forced migration is within their home state/country
  • EDPs - Environmentally & Ecologically Displaced Persons
  • (H)TVs - Human Trafficking Victims
  • Statelessness - protection of people arbitrarily denied citizenship - or whose citizenship is arbitrarily revoked - by their nation state
  • Non-citizens - considers the duties of host states to ensure that forced migrants do not suffer from discrimination or a reduction in their civil or human rights.

Just a selection to get research started.

To try a subject search for this topic in SOLO ( use one or more the suggestions below.

Note location details of results carefully: our neighbour library, the Bodleian Social Science Library, has much useful material for these areas of research too!

Refugees -- Legal status, laws, etc

Refugees -- Protection -- International cooperation

War - protection of civilians

Political refugees

Refugee rights
Legal assistance to refugees 

Asylum, Right of

Asylum Seekers

Refugees -- Civil rights 

Political refugees -- Civil rights

Refugee children -- 
Immigrant children -- Legal status, laws, etc 

Immigrants -- Civil rights 
Aliens -- Civil rights

Emigration and immigration law

Safe third country

Forced migration

Population transfers

Freedom of Movement (International law)

It is also probable that books classified just under broader subject areas - such as Humanitarian law or Human rights - will also have useful material.

This is our near neighbour - in the Manor Rd building. Not only does it have the Bodleian collection for  Migration Studies and Refugee & Forced Migration Studies, but also collects the following: Area Studies, Criminology, Data & Statistics for Social Sciences, Economics, Evidence Based Social Intervention, Geography, International Development, Politics and International Relations, Social Policy & Intervention, Socio Legal Studies and