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Obligations law: Foreign & Comparative

Foreign jurisdictions

Look out for these succinct, practical analyses - derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws such as...

Roman law background

A SOLO Search also shows you if we have a subscription to an e-book version of a text ... but we have far more on the shelf than we do online.

The collection of books with shelfmarks starting Roman are on Floor 2.

Subject searches to try in SOLO

Obligations (Roman law)

Contracts (Roman law)

Torts (Roman law)

Unjust enrichment (Roman law)

A reading knowledge of German and Italian in particular is very useful for advanced research.


For more help with Roman Law

Comparative studies in the Law Bod

Works with a Law Bod shelf mark starting General, Cw Gen, or KB can all be found on Floor 2. Please ask staff for directions if needed!