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Obligations law: Contract

Contract law

A "normal" SOLO search should uncover titles for which the Law Bod happens to have an e-book - either as only copy or as an alternative format to a print version on the shelf. Look out for the View online link.


  1. Don't rely on SOLO to uncover riches of Westlaw UK and LexisLibrary - SOLO currently cannot show, for example, that Chitty on Contracts is available in Westlaw Books. If you have an Oxford SSO you should log into LexisLibrary, and explore the Commentary collection to see what is there in your course topic or research interests. If you are already logged into Westlaw Edge UK - use the drop down menu near the left hand logo to move to Books - or you could search SOLO for Westlaw Books and go to that section first.

  2. The impact of Electronic Legal Deposit now means that there are some e-books which can only be read if you are logged into a library computer, inside a Bodleian Reading Room. Look out for the amber/orange view online indication on SOLO results

The Law Reserve Collection has copies of the most heavily used Reading List recommended texts, such as Anson, Atiyah, Treitel, Chen-Wishart and McKendrick. You can find the open shelf collection of English contract law books on Floor 2.

Specific shelf marks are:
KN10 General works (all aspects of contract law)
KN13 Formation of contracts
KN14 Parties, capacity, privity
KN15 Enforeability of contracts
KN16 Discharge of contracts
KN17 Breach of contracts, remedies
KN18 Special forms of contract

Please note. Texts relating to contract law in other common law jurisdictions are also shelved in this sequence: the shelf mark indicates the jurisdiction

  • A8 Australia
  • C1 Canada
  • C4 Channel Islands
  • G8 Guernsey
  • I5 Ireland
  • J2 Jersey
  • N4 New Zealand
  • N8 Northern Ireland
  • S3 Scotland.
  • U4 United States of America

Popular Reading List titles include

History of contracts