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Netherlands: guide to legal resources: Dutch law

Subjects: Law

Using this guide

Navigate through this guide by clicking on the pertinent tab in the range you can see above this box (below the main title of this guide).

Separate guides exist which may help you further in this and related studies.

Dutch law quick start

Printed resources

The Bodleian Law Library's collection of Dutch texts has shelf marks starting Netherlands.

The LawBod shelves surveys of law (that is, works looking at how a legal problem/legal topic etc is dealt with by various jurisdictions/legal systems) and comparative studies in a collection with shelf marks beginning General. They can be of particular use for the linguistically challenged (most are in English), and can be used as introductions to the topic.

Electronic resources

Holders of the Oxford Single Sign On username and password can also use the following electronic databases; the last two are freely available online for anyone with internet access.