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Legal Skills and Research: Reading Lists

Information and resources on legal skills and legal research techniques.

Finding things from your reading lists

Below are links to catalogues and resources to help you find the material on your reading lists in Oxford.

Reading list other online resources

Search SOLO

To search SOLO you can go to the SOLO home page at 

The online guide below gives tips to make sure you make best use of SOLO

Quick guide to reading lists

If you are not familiar with reading lists and how they look they can be quite difficult to decipher.  Below is a video outlining how to interpret reading lists at produced by Oxford (Faculty of Law) but the main pointers are:


   Tips for deciphering reading lists

  • Look at the front page information to find information about how the list works, any symbols used or abbreviations.
  • Try to determine which type of material you are looking for is it a case, article, legislation or book chapter.  What type of information you are looking for will determine where you will find it.  There are more hints on how to do this in the presentation below).
  • If it is a book (or chapter of a book) then look on SOLO to see whether is available online or where it is in hard copy.  Many reading list books are kept on the law reserve and so you could go and ask.
  • If it is legislation then you can look on one of the databases (such as Westlaw or Lexis Library) to find an online version or use a statute book (you can search on SOLO for these).
  • Ask a librarian if you get stuck.


Guide to reading lists at Oxford

Below is a 15 minute video showing how to interpret reading lists at Oxford.  If you prefer to view the video in WMP then the file is underneath.  If you wish to view the video on YouTube then go to