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Labour & employment law: Cases

Subjects: Law

Law Reports, Judgments and Transcripts Online

Holders of a current Oxford SSO can access all the online resources below.

After the first subscription database there are links to online resources which are free to all.

Law Reports in Print

Law reports are shelved in the LawBod according to jurisdiction. This also determines the floor on which they are shelvied.

Reports from the courts of GB and Northern Ireland, AND the Republic of Ireland are available on Level 2.

You may be encountering some specialist reports for the first time. Below are some of the key ones, the abbreviation you might find in citations, and their shelfmark on Level 2.

               British Equal Opportunities Cases    Cw UK 120 B43
BWCC    Butterworths' Workmen's Compensation Cases, 1907-49    Cw UK 120 B70
EmpLR    Employment Law Reports    Cw UK 120 E40
EqLR    Equality Law Reports    Cw UK 120 E78
FSR    Fleet Street Reports    Cw UK 120 F50
ICR    Industrial Cases Reports    Cw UK 120 I41
ICR    Industrial Court Reports (1972-74)     Cw UK 120 I40
IRLR    Industrial Relations Law Reports    Cw UK 120 I60
KIR    Knight's Industrial Reports    Cw UK 120 K45
LGR    [Butterworths] Local Government Reports    Cw UK 120 K50
OPLR    Occupational Pensions Law Reports    Cw UK 120 O15
PLR    [IDS] Pensions Law Reports    Cw UK 120 P35 
          Race Discrimination Law Report    Cw UK 120 R5

Reports from USA, the European Union, the countries of Europe  and International law courts are on Level 3, one floor up from the entrance level. 

Reports from the other commonlaw countries are on Level 1.

The ILLR    International Labour Law Reports    as they publish reports from more than one jurisdcition are on Level 1 at General 100 I50


Foreign Jurisdictions

For help in finding the court decisions of non UK jurisdictions please see if we have a separate guide which can give assistance