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Jurisprudence: Hart-Dworkin

Subjects: Law, Philosophy

H L A Hart 1907-1992, Professor of Jurisprudence at Oxford from 1952 to 1968

HLA Hart in print in the Law Bod

Available in  the Law Library Reserve Collection. Links to those available online for holders of an Oxford Single Sign On have been given abote

Causation in the law (2nd ed)

Reserve Collection
KA26.HAR 1985

Concept of Law (3rd ed)

Reserve Collection
KA21.HAR 2012

Essays in jurisprudence and philosophy

Reserve Collection
KA10.HAR 1983
Law, liberty and morality Reserve Collection
KA38.HAR 1963
The province of jurisprudence determined ;
and, The uses of the study of jurisprudence
Reserve Collection
KA10.AUS 1998
Punishment & responsibility (2nd ed) Reserve Collection
KA25.HAR 2008


The 2nd and 3rd editions of The Concept of Law share the same pagination, and it is this pagination that Oxford Reading Lists use for references.

Translations of the titles in the box above, other titles by Hart, and works about him can be found in Jurisp 510 H325.

Some commentary on HLA Hart

Ronald Dworkin 1931-2013, Professor of Jurisprudence at Oxford from 1969 to 1998

Dworkin in print in the Law Bod

Available from the Law Reserve Collection desk are Dworkin's

Justice in robes KA37.DWO 2006

Law's empire KA55.DWO 1986

A matter of principle KA60.DWO 1985

and Taking rights seriously KA25.DWO 1978

Other monographs by him, and about his legal philosophy, are at Jurisp 510 D993.

Some commentary on Dworkin