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Jurisprudence: Books

Subjects: Law, Philosophy

Books in the Law Library

The largest collection of  legal philosophy works in the open shelf collection have shelf marks staring with Jurisp. 
However, the Law Bod is in the process of converting its entire book collection to a different (Moys) subject classification scheme, so SOLO searches will reveal some monographs with shelf marks beginning KA.  
Whichever the shelf mark, the current collection of monographs can be found on Level 2 

Law Library: Reserve Collection

When you search SOLO for texts you may find - especially if the text is recommended on an undergrad reading list - that the shelf mark begins KA and the location is shown as "Law Library Reserve Collection." (As is the case for the first two titles below.) This collection is also on Level 2, but separate from the ones above. Just ask a member of staff for directions when you are in the library.