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Islamic legal tradition: Sources & interpretation

Subjects: Law

History & development

Shariah: The Qurʾān (Holy Koran), Sunnah & Hadith

In a religious legal system, the primary sources are the word of God and how the prophet(s) brought this into practice via their words, deeds etc. The Sunnah is the Prophet Muhammad's example/legacy - though its transmission was initially oral & memory, it was later collected and written down as Hadith (Teaching).

Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)

In the subsequent generations there has been the development of  both sects (such as Sunni and Shia) and distinct schools of juristic thought.

The scholarly and juristic techniques and responses to the primary sources include Ijma, qiyas, ijtihad, taqlid, talfiq, takhayyur ...