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Intellectual Property Law: OIPRC

Subjects: Law

Profile: Professor Peter Hayward

  • Called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn in 1958 (Cassell Scholar)
  • Practised at Patent Bar 1958-68
  • Lectured at UCL 1959-60
  • Became Fellow and tutor in Jurisprudence at St Peter's College, Oxford 1968-99 (Vice-Master 1992-94, Emeritus Fellow 1999-)
  • Founder & first Director of Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre (1990-98)
  • Retired in 1998.
  • Died January 2014.

Publications available at Oxford:

OIPRC & its Collection

The OIPRC (Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre) was established at St Peter's College in 1990 by Professor Peter Hayward, Emeritus Fellow at St Peter's College and first Director of the Centre. In 1998, he retired and was succeeded by Professor David Vaver. It became a Centre of the Faculty of Law in 2008.

The Collection

The OIPRC IP library, a collection of journals, monographs and offprints on intellectual property law, came to the Law Library in 2008 from St Peter's College. Selected titles have been moved into the Law Library's rolling cases on the ground floor, next to the Official Papers collection.

 As it is separate from the rest of the Law Library collections, it has a different type of shelfmark. If you come across a record on SOLO that looks like this:

LawLib LAW OIPRC    100 AGR   In place

...this is an IP collection shelfmark. The OIPRC periodicals do not have shelfmarks, but you can identify them by the phrase 'LAW OIPRC' in the location field. They are arranged in alphabetical order by title in the rolling cases.

 The items kept in the rolling cases are all open access, but there are some exceptions. If you see a 'LAW OIPRC' title with the suffix '(Faculty Grad. Space)', please ask a member of library staff.

Here are some examples of books currently available from the IP collection: