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International law: Peace & Peacekeeping

Peace Treaties

To find more dommentary on SOLO try the general subject searches below:

Peace Treaties
Mediation, International
The name of a specific treaty may also be worth trying.

A quick route to the actual provisions within peace treaties, try the online tool below:

Focus on UN

In addition to the Charter of the UN, consider important subsequent documents, such as

UNGA ‘An Agenda for Peace: Preventive Diplomacy, Peacemaking and Peace-Keeping: Report of the Secretary-General pursuant to the Statement Adopted by the Summit Meeting of the Security Council on 31 January 1992’ (17 June 1992) UN Doc A/47/277–S/2411 2411 (‘Agenda’).

UNGA ‘Supplement to an Agenda for Peace: Position Paper of the Secretary-General on the Occasion of the fiftieth Anniversary of the United Nations’ (25 January 1995) UN Doc A/50/60-S/1995/1 (‘Supplement’).

For further help with the UN and its documents and publications, please consult the guide below:

Collective security, sanctions, peacekeeping, & peace building

Subject searches to try in SOLO include

Peacekeeping forces
United Nations -- Peacekeeping forces
Peacekeeping and multinational operations

Intervention (International law)
Peace efforts
Security, international
Conflict management -- International cooperation
International relations