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International law: Marxist & Soviet Russia

Marxism & Soviet Russia

MPEPIL has articles on (for example) Marxism, Cold War, and Peaceful Co-existence. Sometimes sections within articles - eg Brezhnev Doctrine - may be helpful. The print copy of this Encyclopedia is at Internat 500 E56c, but as the online version is being consequently updated, holders of an Oxford SSO are advised to consult MPEPIL via the link below.

Some commentary/analysis on USSR/Russian PIL - oldest to newest...

USSR theory & practice

Sovetskiĭ ezhegodnik mezhdunarodnogo prava = Soviet year-book of international law 1958-1993
in the Law Bod at  Internat 300 S80

Important individuals include:

​Eugene A Korovin 1892- 1964

Gregory I Tunkin 1906 - 1993

See his
Coexistence and International Law (1958) 95 RdC 5

International Law in the International System (1975) 147 RdC 1