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Comparative law: study & application: Private international law

Private international law or Conflict of laws

Considers questions of jurisdiction, choice of law in cross-border cases, and the recognition and enforcement of foreign jurisdictions.

To do a subject search in SOLO, use the exact phrase Conflict of laws.
To this you could add a jurisdiction eg Conflict of laws - Brazil.
Alternatively, if your starting point is an area of law, you may be worth adding the general area discription eg Conflict of laws - Antitrust law
For this subject you may need to travel round the Law Bod : make a note of the call number/shelf mark on the Find & Request tab of a SOLO result screen, then ask a member of staff for directions!

Texts on topic

Law Library: Reserve Collection books with this shelf mark are on Level 2

Private Int books with this shelf mark are on Level 3. As are journals 2000 onwards. Older issues of journals are available on the Ground Floor

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