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Comparative law: study & application: Comparative:Intro

Comparative law: overviews & methodology

Comparative law: finding the print collection

Reserve Collection (Level 2)
Heavily used RLs titles are shelved in this special collection, but anyone with a need to read a title shelved there is free to do so.
An example is the following book:

A subject search in SOLO can be done with the exact phrase Comparative Law.

Printed resources

Monographs are on Level 2.

The largest collection, with shelf marks starting General is of works which compare across the common law/civil law divide, so to speak, and any work which includes USA as one of its jurisdictional comparisons.

Then there is a smaller collection with shelf marks starting Cw Gen. These works are restricted to works comparing the legal systems of the current members of The Commonwealth.  Therefore countries of the common law tradition, but excluding the USA.

There is a small nascent collection with shelf mark beginning KB. (In due course, all the books with the above shelf marks will be reclassified into this collection.)

Journals issued 2000 onwards are on Floor 1.

Journal  issues 1999 & earlier are on the ground floor.

For help with discovering material relating to individual countries please see the jurisdiction guides.