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International criminal law: Cambodia, East Timor

ECCC: Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

Also sometimes referred to as the Khmer Rouge trials

In the Law Bod commentary will be found in works looking at international criminal courts/international humanitarian law generally or in journal articles for example in

Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law (YIHL) at  Internat 300 Y60 (or online for holders of Oxford Single Sign On)

there are the following:

B Rajagopal The Pragmatics of Prosecuting the Khmer Rouge YIHL1 1998 pp 189-204
D Boyle Establishing the responsibility of the Khmer Rouge leadership for international crimes
YIHL 5  2002 pp 167-218
N. H.B. Jorgensen The Extraordinary Chambers in the courts of  Cambodia & the progress of the Khmer Rouge Trials
YIHL 11 2008 pp 373-389