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International law of the sea (ILOS): Journals

Journals, e-journals and working papers

Below are some key journals for ILOS:

Printed resources

The LawBod's main collection of public international law journals is at Internat 300 - but articles of potential use/interest may also have been published in generalist law journals too, so be prepared for different shelf marks, and ask librarians for directions!

IJMCL International journal of marine and coastal law Internat 300 I165
  International maritime and commercial law yearbook : a jurisdictional review of international maritime and commercial law Internat 300 L62
JIML Journal of international maritime law (formerly International maritime law (Int ML)
General 300 I125.9
LMCLQ Lloyds maritime and commercial law quarterly
Internat 300 L60
OD&IL Ocean development and international law
Internat 300 O15
MarPoly Marine policy
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Yearbooks can be an exception - eg. yearbooks of the UN & its organs may well be in Official Papers.

If you cannot find a journal browsing the shelves, do a full title search in SOLO - the full title of the journal, not the title of the article you want to read.


Finding articles in law journals & chapters in books

There are special tools - make use of them!