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ILOS: international law of the sea: Books

Classification of Public International Law books in the LawBod

The Law Bod's current collection of public international law books are classified/shelved by subject the Law Bod's own unique scheme.

The shelf mark / call number /location which will have the monographs on this topic is Internat 630

To find general works on the law of the sea, try a subject search in SOLO using Maritime Law

You might also find chapters/sections in books shelved in other sections (for example those below) useful.

Most of the other tabs in this guide will give you some examples of books available.


General and theory

Internat 500


Internat 510

Human rights

Internat 570

International crimes

Internat 580

International relations

Internat 660

Law of the sea and waterways

Internat 630

Social legislation and organisation eg environment

Internat 610



Getting started

Some general overviews, the first is in the Law Reserve Collection on Level 2 (because it is an essential text on a course Reading List), the rest on open shelf on Level 3.