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War, weapons & victims : legal responses: Books

Finding commentary

Subject search terms to try in SOLO:

Humanitarian law
Combatants and noncombatants (International law)

Humanitarian assistance
Human rights monitors;
Humanitarian intervention

War (International law)
War -- Protection of civilians; 
War crimes (International law) 
Military law 

Aggression (international law)

Printed resources

A shelf mark starting Internat indicates that the item is shelved in our Public International Law collection. The current collection of sources, journals (since 2000), and books is on Level 3 on floor up from the entrance level. 1999 and earlier journals are on the ground floor , 2 floors down from the entrance level.
Internat 500 is where "general overview" books are shelved. They might well have useful chapter(s).

The following shelfmarks are where you will find monographs which have a more specific focus:

War and armed conflict, humanitarian law                 Internat 750

Termination of war (including specific peace treaties)  Internat 760

Human rights, refugees etc                    Internat 570

War crimes & war crimes trials                Internat 580

The Library catalogue will also direct to you any e-books we may have on the topic: look out for the View Online Link. If you are Off campus, sign into SOLO with your Oxford Single Sign On to get access. (Some examples are linked in the box to the right.)


Influence of HR