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War, weapons & victims : legal responses: IHL

Purpose of this guide

This guide is intended for students and researchers studying public international law at the University of Oxford, although students and researchers from any field may find it useful.

Use this guide to find out about sources and commentary for the laws and norms of international humanitarian law (the law relating to war (eg conduct and consequences), including ebooks, ejournals, and databases.

International Humanitarian Law: quick start

IHL is sometimes also referred to as the Laws of War or Law of Armed Conflict

Online resources to get you started

The first links (indicated by the information button) are for holders of an Oxford Single Sign On only.

The rest are on the free web.

Other pages of this guide will reveal more online resources - in both categories.

Printed resources on Level 3 of the Law Bod

Treaties, law reports and journals are not arranged according to subject, but commentaries (textbooks etc) are grouped into subject areas.

These are the sections most likely to contain useful material:

Human rights, refugees etc Internat 570
War crimes, trials etc Internat 580
War & armed conflict Internat 750
Termination of war Internat 760

Some broad brush subject searches to use in SOLO:

Humanitarian law
Combatants and noncombatants (International law)

Humanitarian assistance
Human rights monitors;
Humanitarian intervention

War (International law)
War -- Protection of civilians; 
War crimes (International law)

SOLO searches may reveal that other Bodleian Libraries hold materials which would also support your research

The Bodleian Social Science Library holds the collection for the Department of Politics and International Relations.
It is in the building next door to the Bodleian Law Library

The Bodleian's History collections are held invarious buildings on the central Bodleian site: the Radcliffe Camera and the Old Bod. These are about 15 minute walk away from the Law Bod.

If you are researching a war in which the USA was involved, you may find a visit to the Vere Harmsworth Library useful. This is about a 20 minute walk away from the Law Bod.

If you are interested in the concept of the Just War, then the Bodleian Philosophy and Theology Faculties Library is in the Radcliffe Humanities Building about a 30 minute walk from the Law Bod.

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