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Human Rights: UN

UN Resources in the Bodleian

Below is a list of print resources along with subscription databases that contain UN material.  For free resources see the main box.

HeinOnline United Nations Law Collection.  Available to OU members via SOLO

United Nations Treaty Series  - Internat 010 UN


Below is the main RSS feed for UN Human Rights.  You can have a look at the broad range of RSS feed produced by the United Nations at United Nations News Centre

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Books on the UN

Below are just a few of the book avaliable in the Bodleian Law Library. Click on the title below to see the full holdings.

Introduction to the United Nations

United Nations headquarters by ZeroOneThe United Nations Charter was signed on June 26th 1945 and looked to establish international human rights. Under the charter, the fundamental principles were laid out in 3 further documents, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.  Collectively these are known (along with optional protocols) as The International Bill of Rights.

The United Nations is split up into different bodies with many different subsidiaries.  There are 2 main types of bodies within the UN, Charter Based Bodies and Treaty based bodies.  Information about these can be found on the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights website.

Below is a number of online databases containing UN materials.   The United Nations has also produced a research guide relating to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  For information on print resources within the Bodleian Law Library see left hand side.  For further help on finding UN materials see the presentation below.

Holders of an Oxford Single Sign On will find that a lot of UN material is available to them via HeinOnline, in the United Nations Law Collection. The collection includes the UNTS.

UN HR bodies

The United Nations has many sections whose work you may encounter while studying human rights. Below is an explanation of frequently used abbreviations with links through to the English version of the home page of each institution!  There is also a fuller list of UN acronyms on the UN website at