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Legal history: western Europe: MA: Roman law

Encyclopedic treatment of middle ages

First ius commune?

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Law, Medieval 

Revival and renaissance in Roman law

Reception of Roman Law

Overtime, the legal staff of the ruling monarchs of western Europe became dominated by those with a university education. Although they might have gone to different univeristies, the legal curriculum,  (principally focusing on the Roman and Canon law) and the use of common texts meant that they shared a common mindset & understanding of legal concepts. In their judicial and administrative posts they encountered actual practices, owing more to the customs or laws inherited from the Germanic or tribal traditions. In private/civil law matters, across Europe university trained men sought a reconciliation between the legal systems.

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 Romanum medii aevi - - Roman 500 I92

Corpus glossatorum juris civilis -- Roman 555 C822

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Roman law -- Interpretation and construction -- History 

Roman law -- Study and teaching -- Europe -- History

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