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Legal history: western Europe: Roman-Dutch

Roomsch Hollandsch Recht

 This is the name applied to legal system of the province of Holland between c1450-c1830.

Roman -Dutch law also travelled with the Dutch colonists to their trading settlements in South Africa and the Indies. Three of these (Cape of Good Hope, Ceylon, part of Guiana) became British colonies - the impact of which was both to extend its territorial scope, and to preserve it (as working law), even after it had been replaced in its original jurisdiction.

Printed sources

Works with shelf marks beginning Roman Dutch can be found on Floor 2, after the Roman law monographs.

 For monographs with shelf marks beginning Netherlands please go to Floor 3.

Oud-vaderlands recht

There are a number of blogs available on the internet that discuss the history of Dutch law ranging from the more professional bodies to those written by an author with a personal interest.