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Legal history: western Europe: Books

Use SOLO to find books & e-books

There follows a list of some of the subject searches you could use in SOLO. But remember that, if you have already identified a work on your topic in SOLO, you can click on the Details link, then on the hyperlinks in the Subjects line to do an automated subject search.

Law  Europe  History
Law, Medieval
Justice, Administration of -- Europe -- History

Roman law  reception [followed by modern geographic area eg Spain]
Roman law  - influence

Law, Frankish
​Law, Germanic
Law, Lombard 

Law, Visigothic
​Ripuarian  law
Salic law


Canonists -- Europe -- History -- To 1500 ;
Canon law -- History -- To 1500 ;
Practice of law -- Europe -- History
Law -- Study and teaching -- Europe -- History

Libri feudorum
Feudal law - Europe
Feudalism - Europe

Power (Social sciences) -- Europe -- History -- To 1500 
Estates (Social orders) -- Europe -- History -- To 1500

Commercial law -- history
Commercial law -- Europe -- History
Commerce -- History -- Medieval, 500-1500
Europe -- Economic conditions -- To 1492
Europe -- Commerce -- History -- To 1500
Economic development -- Europe -- History -- To 1500

Pay attention to the locations of your search results: you may well find titles across various Bodleian libraries

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