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Legal history: England & common law tradition: Reception Abroad

Finding commentary

A bibliography of the law of British colonies, protectorates and mandated territories : being volume VII of Sweet &Maxwell's legal bibliography at Ref Bibl Cw UK M464/7

 In the Law Bod, collections of contemporary legislation and law reports will be shelved according to the country of the legislature or the court. In some instances there may also be some contemporary or historic commentary in the subsequent monograph collections.

Comparative & general (ie not single country specific) commentary will have shelf marks such as Legal Hist or Cw Gen or General.

Please ask a member of staff for directions, once you have gathered together the call numbers/shelf marks of useful material.

Try first two subject searches for SOLO 

Law -- Great Britain -- Colonies -- History;

Law -- Commonwealth countries -- History

Or look for works on single jurisdictions by constructing subject searches following example below:

Law -- Australia - History

Reception of common law abroad: general works & multi-jurisdictional studies

Consult also the Libguide for the jurisdiction