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Germany : legal resources: Journals

German law journals

The principal collection of German law journals in LawBod have shelf marks beginning German 300. They are then shelved according to the first word in their title. 
Volumes from 2000 onwards are on Level 3
Volumes 1999 and older are on the Ground Floor.

There are law journals from German publishing houses in other sections of the LawBod, for example ZEuP : Zeitschrift für europäisches Privatrecht is at General 300 Z20 - so it always worth doing a title search in SOLO!

Journal citations

Usual style in Germany is to construct law journal citation along these lines:
  • Abbreviated title
  • year of publication followed by comma
  • first page of article
  • pinpoint reference in ( ), if required
Specialist publication to help with German legal abbreviations

Finding articles on German law

The Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP) should cover the major journals published in Germany, as well as other civil law country journals.

To check whether articles about German law have been written in journals published in UK journals use LJI on Westlaw  eg. [1994] Public Law 137 has an article on the development of German constitutional law.