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France: legal resources: Treaties

Treaty law in France

For an introduction in English see Chapter 8 of book below:

Finding Treaties to which France is a party

The official text of any treaty to which France is a signatory is that published in the Journal Officiel. (JO from 1990 available via Legifrance.)

The Ministère des Affaires étrangères hosts a free online database Base Pacte This will provide at least the following: title, date of signature and publication details. A selection of treaties are available in full-text. There are separate search screens for bilateral and multilateral  treaties.

(It is also possible to search for those treaties to which France is not a signatory, but is the official depository.) 

Treaties in French law

Both the Conseil Constitutionnel and the Conseil D'État have considered the relationship between treaty and national laws

Décision 1974-54 DC, 15 January 1975  (the jurisdiction to examine a conflict between a parliamentary act and a treaty)
Décision 2004-496 DC, 10 June 2004  (EU directive and French law)
Décision 2006-540 DC, 27 July 2006  
CE 20 octobre 1989 Nicolo (analysis)  (conformity of French statute with the Treaty of Rome)
CE, 8 February 2007 (analysis)