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Indigenous Peoples: legal resources: Australia

Subjects: Law - Foreign Law

Key points on free web

Key case is Mabo v Queensland (No 2) (1992) 175 CLR 1 Below is link to  Australian Law Commission on the case

Love v Cth of Australia; Thoms v Cth of Australia [2020] HCA 3

First Australians

Legislation, reform, policy statements and background

Australian legislation both Federal and State (eg Victoria's Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006) is available on the free web, The first group of links below are available to holders of an Oxford SSO. They are sources of law reports and commentary.

Some useful sites on the free web, available to all arranged in alphabetical order

Related Commentary

Please ask a member of staff for directions as books are likely to be in at least 3 different sections of the LawBod  - and  potentially on all four floors of the library!