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European Union Law: Cases

EU cases and law reports

Printed resources

These volumes are on Level 3

All England Law Reports European Cases (All ER (EC)) 1995-

 Euro Comm 100 A10

Butterworth’s EC Case Citator (last ed. 2002) Euro Comm 160 B988a
Common Market Law Reports (CMLR) 1962- Euro Comm 100 C734

Current Law Case Citator

Cw UK 200 C976f 

Digest : annotated British, Commonwealth and European cases

Cw UK 150 E58a3

Index A – Z Numerical and Alphabetical Index of Cases before the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance of the European Communities  

Euro Comm 160 I38a

Références des notes de doctrine aux arrêts de la Cour de justice et du Tribunal de première instance des Communautés européennes

Euro Comm 160 I38b
Reports of cases before the Court of Justice and Court of First Instance of the European Union (ECR) Euro Comm 100 R313


Applications, and pending cases

If you would like to find out if there an application for a case to be heard in an EU court has been lodged, or monitor incoming applications, and then their progress (or not) through the various stages, there are some free tools and sites which may help.

EU courts

Citing EU cases

The main EU law report series and their standard abbreviations for citations are:

ECR European Court Reports
ECR-SC European Court Reports - Staff Cases
CMLR Common Market Law Reports


European Court Reports (ECR) was the form of citation for the official published series which has cases from 1954 to 2011. (The full title of the series was much longer: the last manifestation Reports of cases before the Court of Justice and the General Court). Note: the final volumes to be printed in the ECR had cases decided in 2011 (2011 v.12C for Series I and 2011 v.11/12 for Series II), though the actual date of publication was 2014. 

ECR-SC, a sub-series containing cases concerning employees of the EU, was published in print from 1994-2009, when it moved online.

The longstanding mode for citing individual case was as follows:

C (ECJ) or T (General Court) or F (Civil Service Tribunal)
Number of case
Year (last 2 digits)
The parties

e.g. Case C-2/00 Hölterhoff v Freiesleben


With the migration to electronic publication in 2014 came a new citation system the ECLI (European Case Law Identifier). The Court has also retrospectively assigned an ECLI to all decisions delivered by the European Union Courts since 1954, and to the Opinions and Views of the Advocates General.
For example Case C-403/03 Schempp has a "parallel" ECLI citation EU:C:2005:446.

  • ‘EU' indicates that it is a decision delivered by an EU Court or Tribunal ;
  • ‘C' indicates that this decision was delivered by the Court of Justice. Decisions delivered by the General Court are indicated by the letter 'T' and those of the Civil Service Tribunal by ‘F';
  • ‘2005' indicates that the decision was delivered during 2005;
  • ‘446' indicates that it is the 446th ECLI for that year.