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European Union Law: Books

Finding commentary

The collection of monographs on European Union law on Level 3 is not arranged according to subject or topic. They are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the first author or editor. In other words, you will not find all the works on EU competition law shelved alongside each other.

To find current EU law books, use  European Union countries as the geographic filter to your SOLO subject search.

eg Law - European Union countries will find general overviews

If you are after a specific legal topic/subject area of EU law, then of course try more specific search terms eg

Competition, Unfair -- European Union countries AND Antitrust law -- European Union countries 

If you are interested in the earlier incarnations of the EU, then use 
European Community countries  and/or European Economic Community countries

If you are having problems making  SOLO work for you, try the online guide below

Introductory texts for students

Reading List titles may be in the Law Reserve

As EU law is a taught subject, some of titles you find in a SOLO search will give the Law Library location as Bodleian Law Library Reserve Collection. You may also notice that their shelf marks begin KW -& not Euro Comm! Ask at Enquiry Desk for these.

Not all of this category of work is in the Law Reserve! 

Below are examples of general works available on open shelf on Level 3