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Environmental Law: Rights, duties, justice

UN Human Rights Council recognition of a right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment

Searching for titles on SOLO

When researching this topic, you may find useful titles in other sections of its collection eg Human Rights (Internat 570) or legal philosophy Jurisprudence (Jurisp) or comparative studies (General).

Indeed you may well find that you need to visit other Bodleian Libraries too - such as the SSL Social Science Library and the RSL Radcliffe Science Library & the Philosophy Reading Rooms.

Subject search terms which could start you off searching our online catalogue SOLO 


Environmental justice

Environmental policy

Environmental responsibility

Economic development - environmental aspects

Sustainable development


Extending Rights/Legal Personality?

Rights and Legal Personality for Water/Rivers

Victorian  Environmental Water  Holder (Australia - via legislation) (public entity created to hold water rights etc)
Whanganui (NZ - via legislation)
Ganges and Yamuna (India -  State of Uttarakhand via court decision 2017)
Amazon Ecosystem (Colombia - Supreme Court: STC 4360-2018))