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Environmental Law: Biodiversity, flora & fauna

World Wildlife Crime Report (2016)

UNODC's first World Wildlife Crime Report "takes stock of the present wildlife crime situation with a focus on illicit trafficking of specific protected species of wild fauna and flora, and provides a broad assessment of the nature and extent of the problem at the global level. It includes a quantitative market assessment and a series of in-depth illicit trade case studies."


Animal Welfare

Biodiversity & protection of flora & fauna

Some books on illegal trade 

Finding books in SOLO

Some subject searches to try in SOLO:
Biodiversity conservation

Wildlife conservation -- Law and legislation
Nature conservation -- Law and legislation
Conservation of natural resources -- Law and legislation 
Renewable natural resources -- Law and legislation

Endangered species -- Law and legislation

Forest management -- Law and legislation
Forestry law and legislation

Wild animal trade -- Corrupt practices
Wild animal trade -- Law and legislation
Wildlife smuggling
Game protection
Poaching -- Prevention
Wildlife crimes