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Environmental Law: Biodiversity, flora & fauna

Biodiversity & protection of flora & fauna

Some books on illegal trade 


Animal Welfare

Finding books in SOLO

Some subject searches to try in SOLO:
Biodiversity conservation

Wildlife conservation -- Law and legislation
Nature conservation -- Law and legislation
Conservation of natural resources -- Law and legislation 
Renewable natural resources -- Law and legislation

Endangered species -- Law and legislation

Forest management -- Law and legislation
Forestry law and legislation

Wild animal trade -- Corrupt practices
Wild animal trade -- Law and legislation
Wildlife smuggling
Game protection
Poaching -- Prevention
Wildlife crimes

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World Wildlife Crime Reports

"If the [first] 2016 World Wildlife Crime Report represented UNODC’s first global assessment of the state of wildlife crime, the 2020 edition of this report represents a first assessment of trends. In several instances, these trends have been dramatic. The poaching of both elephants and rhinoceroses has consistently declined since 2011, as have the prices paid for tusks and horns. But the amount of pangolin scales seized has increased 10-fold in just five years, and new markets, such as the trafficking of European glass eels, have emerged in the wake of strengthened controls. For the first time, a consistent pattern of large shipments of unrelated wildlife products – elephant ivory and pangolin scales – has emerged. In addition, organized criminal groups in broker countries, neither the source nor the destination of the wildlife, have consolidated control of multiple markets."