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Environmental Law: Home

Purpose of this guide

This guide is intended for students and researchers studying environmental law at the University of Oxford, although students and researchers from any field may find it useful.

Use this guide to find out about sources and commentary for environmental law, including ebooks, ejournals, and databases.

Environmental law & justice: quick start

The following are suggested starting points. Please consult other pages in this Libguide for more.

 There are a number of national and international organizations and interest groups that actively promote and campaign on environmental law issues, and provide free resources on their web sites: source evaluation is important in this area.

Reading List Title?

The most heavily used reading list titles are put in the collection called Law Reserve - pay attention to the results in SOLO an example is below - and ask a member of staff for directions when in the Library

Finding commentary

You will find environmental law resources in various parts of the Bodleian Law Library's collection, depending on the jurisdiction, legal system, or the type of material that interests you.

Books on UK environmental law are classified KN 94, on Level 2. Here too with their identifying cutter numbers in the shelf marks you will find Australia (A8), Canada (CI), Ireland (I5), New Zealand (N4), and USA (U4).
Books on public international environmental law are classified as Internat 610, on Level 3. (Books in Internat 570 International Human Rights and Internat 630 law of the sea may also have useful chapters.)

Books with shelfmarks beginning General 510 are comparative works, not limited to one jurisdiction and/or combine both domestic and international responses.

In SOLO, use these subject searches to find general works. See the Topics pages in this guide for more focussed works.

Environmental law  + name of jurisdiction

Environmental law, International
Human rights - Environmental aspects

Nature conservation -- Law and legislation
Nature conservation -- Moral and ethical aspects
Environmental protection -- Moral and ethical aspects


Environmental Justice
Green Movement

NB Take note of the location of the results of your searches, as this subject will take you on a voyage of discovery to other parts of the Bodleian - not just the Law Bod!

SOLO searches may well reveal useful material in other Bodleian Libraries.

Below are introductory guides to the Social Science Library (eg your research may border on politics and/or economics), and the Radcliffe Science Library.