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Irish Law: Irish Law

Subjects: Law, Law - Foreign Law

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Irish law : quick start

Online Resources

Holders of an Oxford SSO is required to access the first two databases below - they are the Law Bod's route to Irish case law.

The remaining links are to sites available to anyone with access to the internet which are excellent sources of Irish legal research.

On Level 2 - the level at which you enter the Law Library, you will find ....

Irish legal monographs. These are part of the subject arrangement, with shelf marks starting K to KN.
Works on the Irish legal system have shelf marks beginning KL.
Works on public law have shelf marks starting KM and private law KN. In these sections the distinctive geographic code I5 in the shelf mark  indicates the work is looking at the Irish treat
ment of the topic. So if the Law Bod had a copy of the work on Irish contact law, written by Prof Boru, and published in 2000 the shelf mark would be KN10.I5.BOR 2000.

Law Reports are at shelf mark Ireland 100, Irish law journals at shelf mark Ireland 300. These are also shelved on Level 2

Irish legislation in hard print is on Level 1.