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Criminal law: Journals


A journal is a regular publication (monthly, yearly, etc.) in which you will find academic and research articles. The articles present current research and are critiqued by experts before publication, so you can be confident of their quality. The majority of journals held by the Bodleian Libraries in both physical and electronic formats can be searched via SOLO, as can the individual articles within many law ejournals.

On this page you will find recommended journals and guidance on the special online tools to help you find articles in law journals.

Law journals

Crim LR : Criminal Law Review which the Law Bod has in print from v.1/1954. Holders of an Oxford Single Sign On have online access to this journal - but only from 1986 onwards -  via Westlaw Edge UK 

Working Papers, OA repositories

Finding articles in journals

There are special tools - make use of them!