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Criminal law: Criminal law & human rights

Human Rights & criminal law

Campaign groups and monitors

The page in this guide called Policy & Reform may also be of interest'


Specific SOLO searches to try include:

Due process of law
Fair trial 
Criminal procedure

Note Holders of an Oxford SSO can read the current edition of Blackstone's Criminal Practice online in the Commentary section of LexisLibrary

Printed resources

Searches of the catalogue (SOLO) will return useful titles shelved in different sections of the Law Bod's collection.

As this is a taught course at Oxford look out for the phrase "Reserve Collection" - this means that book can simply be asked for at the desk in the main Reading Room.

For other titles, note the distinction between the following:

Items with shelf marks starting KM are on the Floor 2. These works will look at the impact of human rights on English law and its administration.

Items with shelf marks starting Internat 570 indicates works where the focus is the public international law of human rights - for example works considering the European Convention.