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Criminal law & justice: Criminal law

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Separate guides exist which may help you further in this and related studies.

English & Welsh criminal law & justice

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For English legislation and law reports, you should always turn to a subscription database: LexisLibrary & Westlaw UK are good starting points.

Both also will be able to supply a lot of articles from law journals. Both also have practitioners' texts on aspects of criminal law and procedure.


For these topics, you may find useful material on all 4 Floors of the Bodleian Law Library
On Level 2 - the floor at which you enter the Law Bod 

Current monographs for England & Wales, and Scotland (as well as Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and USA) These have shelf marks beginning:
KM500 - KM565 Criminal Law
KM600 - KM700 Criminology

Also on Level 2. Books with shelf marks beginning General and Cw Gen (comparative studies looking at 2 or more jurisdictions) and UK law journals

Level 3 - one floor up from the entrance level

Books with shelf marks beginning  Crim - Criminology, Euro Comm - European Union Law, Internat 580 - international criminal law, and works looking at the law of national juisdictions in Europe

Level 1 - one floor down from the entrance level

Books looking at the law of the remaining jurisdictions of the world (such as China, India, South Africa etc) and comparative law journals (issues 2000 onwards)

Ground Floor - Has the Bodleian Official Papers collection


The SSL or the Bodleian Social Science Library is the next door neighbour of the Law Bod, in the Manor Road building - at most a 10 minute walk away.

The SSL holds the teaching collection of works on Criminology: supporting the MSc in Criminology courses. It also includes collections of closely related subjects such as sociology, social work, economics, politics, refugee studies.

The RSL or Radcliffe Science Library is a 15 minute walk from the Law Library. The RSL holds the print collection for psychology.