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Corporate law: Books

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English company law - browsing the Law Bod shelves

The current collection of textbooks for all the jurisdictions of the British Isles are on Floor 2.
They have been classified according to the Moys system. This is a breakdown of the principal Moys shelf marks for this topic.

KN255 Corporate governance (general works)

KN260 Business associations 

KN261 Company/Corporation Law      
            KN261.2 Company accounts
            KN261.5 Companies inspection and investigation

KN262 Incorporation 
                    KN262.1 Mergers, takeovers
                    KN262.22 Franchises

KN263 Capital
           KN263.5 Shares
           KN263.7 Shareholders

KN264 Directors & other officers

KN265 Special kinds of companies (eg private/family etc)

KN266 Competition law

KN304 Investments, capital markets, securities 

KN312 Insolvency      

Moys divides law into public law or private law, so if you are interested in researching Corporate Criminal Liability you need to go to KM540.4

Australia, Canada, Ireland, NZ, and United States of America  monographs are also included in the KM/KN collection  on Level 2. The third line of the shelf mark identifies when the books have moved from focusing on the law of England and Wales with the following codes, respectively A8, C1, I5, N4, and U4

As this is a taught subject a few titles will in the Reserve Collection - but the majority will be in the open shelf collection

Other routes to commentary

Searches in the Oxford Collections section of SOLO will find ebooks as well (where available) but holders of an Oxford SSO are advised to separately log in and check the practitioners' texts held in Westlaw Books & Lexislibrary.

Subject search terms to try in SOLO

Commercial law
Corporation  law
Corporate reorganizations
Consolidation and merger of corporations
Business failures - law and legislation
Mutual funds
Small business investment companies

Look out for the words Law Reserve Collection in the results in SOLO - the most heavily used Reading List titles are not on open shelves - for this location go to the enquiry desk in the Reading Room.