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Corporate law and finance: Corporate law

Subjects: Law

Using this guide

Navigate through this guide by clicking on the pertinent tab you can see above this box (below the main title of this guide).

Below are links to take you to other Bodleian libguides which may help you with your studies in this area.

Companies & finance: quick start

Halsbury’s Laws of England is the practitioners' encyclopedic guide to current English law, key legislation and case law. Holders of an Oxford SSO can access this entire service in LexisLibrary. The same database has the latest edition of Boyle and Birds' Comany Law.

Westlaw Edge UK has Palmer's Company Law.

Other commentary

A normal SOLO search will discover other e-books available via a number of different platforms. Remote access to those with a green indicator beside the View Online link requires an Oxford SSO. If there is an orange indicator beside the View Online link you will need to come into a Bodleian Reading Room and log onto one of our computers to read that particular title.

The Sainsbury Library at the Said Business School is the key provider for many of these.

Encyclopedic approach

 To learn the current state of English law on any particular subject from print sources, you need to consult

            Halsbury’s Laws of England shelved on Floor 2 at KZ 1.  Halsbury's is an encyclopedic treatment of English & Welsh laws: the natural first point of reference for the busy practitioner requiring cold start research on an area or a reliable recap with pointers to essential legislation and leading cases.  You will find corporate law & finances is spread across more than one main volume of Halsbury - and you ust also use the service volumes which keep track of legal developments since the publication of the main volumes. 
Holders of an Oxford Single Sign On are reminded that LexisLibrary includes all the Halsbury services - much more straightforward to use!

Printed resources

          General overviews of English corporation/company law have shelf marks starting KN261. Use Books page. in this Libguide for more information about the shelf layout.
For general works, use the Subject Search Corporation law + the name of a jurisdiction


Law Library: Reserve Collection

When you search SOLO for texts you may find - especially if the text is the main or major recommended title on a Reading List - that the location is shown as "Law Library Reserve Collection."  Armed with your University Card/Reader's Ticket, please ask for these books from staff at the Enquiry desk in the main Reading Room (Level 2) and they will be issued to you for use in the Library. Some examples are below: