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Constitutions and constitutional law: Books

Administrative law guidance here!

Bodleian Social Science Library

The Bodleian Social Science Library is the principal library for taught course provision for politics & international relations, along with new research material, contemporary works (including legal deposit), and the core journal collections in politics, international relations and related subjects. Fortunately it is the Law Bod's immediate neighbour if SOLO tells you that it has books that you would like to consult!


Searching the catalogue

To subject search SOLO try one or more of the following (in some aspects there is much inter- or cross-disciplinary interest)

constitutional law
constitutional law - economic aspects
constitutional law - social aspects
constitutional history

public law
separation of powers
rule of law
civil rights 

Legitimacy of governments
social justice
social contract

theory of justice

Law -- Political aspects
Public law -- Political aspects

Government accountability

To these you could add the name of a jurisdiction (eg France) to reflect your particular interest.                       

To find series (such as Constitutional systems of the world) set the search filters to exact phrase + anywhere in the record.

You don't need to do anything special to find e-books - SOLO should find them along with printed copies. E-books have a View Online link to click; print items have Find & Request link to click to find the Call number/Shelf Mark.


The online guide below could help with how best to search SOLO

Browsing Constitutional Law

The current monographs about constitutional law from the UK (& all constituent jurisdictions), Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and USA have been arranged according to the Moys Classification Scheme. A table below shows how Moys shelfmarks begin for some topics.
The works on English & Welsh/UK law are shelved first. Then works on the treatment of the law by the other jurisdictions follow, country by country. In these cases, the third line of the shelf mark indicates which "foreign" jurisdiction the work is concerned with - using the following codes - A8 Australia, C1 Canada, Ireland I5, N4 New Zealand, S3 Scotland, U4 United States.

KM31  Constitutional Law - general overviews
KM33 Constitutional Principles
KM35 Separation of Powers
KM36 Judicial Review (general and constitutional) for Judicial Review of Administrative action see KM306
KM38 Constitutional Conventions
KM42 Parliamentary Government
KM51 Unwritten Constitutions
KM53 Amendments
KM58  Church & State For Freedom of religion/conscience see KM206
KM82 Legislatures, legislative power
KM83 Legislators
KM84 Parliamentary Procedure
KM85 Parliamentary Privileges
KM111 Executive Power
KM112 Heads of State
KM114 Executive Prerogatives
KM141 Judiciary - constitutional status and powers
KM176 Migration
KM201 Civil rights, human rights
KM203 Habeas Corpus
KM204 Freedom of Speech & Expression
KM205 Freedom of Assembly
KM206 Freedom of religion/conscience
KM207 Freedom of the Press

Equal opportunities, discrimination, minorities
This is further by discrimination of either person or place eg

KM208.2 Sex discrimination
KM208.43 Racial Discrimination
KM208.431 Indigenous Peoples
KM208.432 Treaty Rights


KM209.A2 Academic Freedom
KM209.C6 Right to Counsel
KM209.I6 Freedom of Information
KM209.P7 Right of privacy


KM233 National Security
KM235 Government Departments
KM238 Committees of Enquiry, Royal Commissions