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Constitutions, constitutional & administrative law: European Countries

Open Shelf Collection of European Countries

Codes, Law reports, Law Journals 2000 onwards, Legal Dictionaries, Monographs: Current Collection

These are shelved on Level 3, one floor above the entrance level. The  jurisdictions are arranged alphabetically by the English name of the country. Within each collection the arrangement is legislation - law reports - law journals - legal dictionaries - monographs.

Superseded editions and 1999 & older journal issues are on the Ground Floor.

French Adminsitrative Law

The first link is to a general French law database, initial registration must be done while on the Bodleian Library wifi. Thereafter, an Oxford Single Sign On is required for remote access.

These two English language introductions are in the Law Reserve Collection. Please ask for them at the Enquiry Desk.

The books below are on open shelf on Level 3

French administrative law courts

Juridictions administratives / Ordre administratif

Conseil D'État 

Cour d'Administrative d'Appel

Tribunal Administratif 


Tribunal des conflits

Judges from the Cour de Cassation and the Conseil D'État, together with the current Minister of Justice decide on conflicts of jurisdiction.

German Administrative Law

Spanish Administrative Law