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Competition law: US Antitrust

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US antitrust law

Note: The Westlaw subscription includes the ALI Restatement of the Law of Unfair Competition. (Print copy is at USA 045)

Print collection

The LawBod's current US collection is arranged according to Moys Classification system and shelved on Level 2. The works have U4 in their shelf marks.
(Older material eg previous editions have USA at the beginning & (sec coll) after their shelf marks. These are available for use but are on the Ground Floor.) Just ask a member of staff if you require any help.

To subject search in SOLO for US competition law type in Antitrust law or Competition, Unfair or Restraint of Trade followed by United States,  then refine your search by selecting exact phrase and In subject from the drop down menus.

Antitrust blogs

Comparative approaches

Books with shelf marks beginning General are on Floor 2.