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Competition law: Books

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                                       Competition, Unfair
                                       Restraint of trade
                                       Subsidies law and legislation
                                       Consolidation and merger of corporations law and legislation

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The following shelf marks deal with this topic in GB & Northern Ireland, then the following jurisdictions which have added cutters in the shelfmarks Australia (A8), Canada (CI), Ireland (I5), New Zealand (N4), and USA (U4). They are on open shelf on Floor 2.

KN266 Competition law
KN266.05 Fair trading
KN266.1 Monopolies
KN266.12 Mergers, takeovers

Enforcement eg Competition Commission
Monopolies & Mergers Commission

KN266.17 Regulators eg Office of Fair Trading
KN266.2 Anti-competitive agreements
KN266.3 Retail price maintenance, price fixing
KN266.5 Abuse of dominant position
KN266.7 Exemptions

Works on European Community/Union law collection are arranged by author, not by subject, on Level 3. Their shelf marks begin Euro Comm.

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