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Children and the law: Legislation & cases

Subjects: Law

Legislation, law reports and case transcripts available online

Websites on the free web

English and Welsh Legislation in Print

Note the various services after the bound volumes by which the publishers try to keep practitioners up to date with changes to legislation are:
Halsbury's Statutes (shelved at KZ 2) and Halsbury's Statutory Instruments (KZ 3), which are related services to
Halsbury's Laws 
( at KZ 1

Current Law Statutes Annotated at KZ 5

Historic text of acts (as originally promulgated) can be found on Level 1


Report series on Level 2 Abbreviation Shelf mark               

Family Court Reports (called Family Court Reporter up to 1999)

FCR Cw UK 120 F10
Family Law Reports FLR Cw UK 120 F20
Family Law Reports Reprint   Cw UK 120 F20
Law Reports, Family Division Fam. Cw UK 120 L134
[Green's] Family Law Reports (Scotland) Fam LR Cw UK Scotl 100 G50

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