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Children and the law: Journals

Subjects: Law

Some specialist law journals in the law Bod

Online access to articles in law journals

"Generalist" law journals - CLJ, LQR, MLR, NLJ, OJLS etc - are likely to have commentary and case notes on important developments and concerns too.

Title                                                                      Abbreviation            shelf mark                      
Family Law Fam Law Cw UK 300 F20  
Family Law Journal Fam L J Cw Uk 300 F21  
Child and Family Law Quarterly CFLQ Cw UK 300 C60  
Childright   Cw UK 300 C62  
Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law J.Soc.Wel & Fam L Cw UK 300 J90  


Finding articles in law journals