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Children and the law: Family environment and alternative care

Subjects: Law

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

ARTICLE 5: Parental Guidance

ARTICLE 9: Separation of Parents

ARTICLE 10: Entering or Leaving Country for Family Reunification

ARTICLE 18: Parents' Joint Responsibilities

ARTICLE 19: Protection from Violence

ARTICLE 20: Children Deprived of Family Environment

ARTICLE 25: Right to Periodic Review of Treatment

ARTICLE 27: Recovery of Maintenance

Texts: Families and Parents

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Domestic relations - child welfare, child protection; parental responsibilities; custody of children

Texts: Child Protection

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child welfare; protection of children - law & legislation; family violence

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Texts: Child Safety Online

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Internet and children -- Safety measures -- Government policy; Internet and children -- Law and legislation; Computers and children -- Safety measures -- Government policy; Computers and children -- Law and legislation

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