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Children and the law: Education

Subjects: Law

UK primary sources

Printed resources

Halsbury's Statutes & Statutory Instruments KZ2 & KZ3

Specialist law reports

Education Law Reports    Cw UK 120 E15

Commentary in the Law Library

Law Journals on Level 2
Education and the Law   Cw UK 300 E30

Education Law Journal    Cw UK 300 E33   (volumes 2000 - 2016 available via both HeinOnline and Lexislibrary)

Education Law Monitor   Cw UK 300 E35

Education, Public Law and the Individual   Cw UK 300 E37

Monograph Collection
The collection of textbooks and monographs on English Law relating to Education can be found in the main Reading Room on Floor 2 at the following shelf marks:

KN184 Education

KN184.15 National Curriculum

KN184.2 Schools

KN184.23 Teachers

KN184.25 Disciple, Punishment

KN184.255 Bullying

KN184.28 Governors

KN184.29 Special Educational Needs

KN184.3 Higher Education

KN184.35 Grants, Student Loans


Some search subjects to get you started:

Educational law and legislation
Special education - law and legislation
Home schooling
Student expulsion- law and legislation
Faith-based human services -- law and legislation

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

ARTICLE 28: Right to Education

ARTICLE 29: Aims of Education

Online texts on education