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Children and the law: Books

Subjects: Law

Some Interesting Texts in the Law Library

Some search subjects to try in SOLO to get you started:

Adoption -- Law and legislation
Age (law)
Children- legal status, laws, etc.
Children's rights
Children of minorities -- Legal status, laws, etc.
Child care services -- Law and legislation
Parent and child (law)
Responsibility in children
Foster home care -- Law and legislation
Foster children -- Legal status, laws, etc.
Educational law and legislation
School management and organization -- law and legislation

NB For general works on family law the subject search term is Domestic Relations

Below are some examples of books on the topic:

Classification of books relating to Children and the Law

Shelf mark Topic
KN151.1 Children
KN151.2 Young Persons
KN170 Family Law
KN172 - KN172.89  Marriage including: artificial reproductive techniques and surrogate motherhood
KN173 - KN173.82 Termination of marriage including: child maintenance, custody of children and child abduction
KN176 - KN176.9 Children & Young Persons including:adoption, fostering, welfare, abuse, children in care, parental rights and responsibilities
KN184 Education

Note. Works on the English & Welsh/UK legal response are shelved first at the above shelfmarks. Then come works form other common law jurisdictions, indicated by the following cutters
Australia A8 ; Canada C1 ;  Channel Islands C4;  Guernsey G8 ; Ireland I5 ; Isle of Man I7 ; Jersey J2 ; New Zealand N4 ; Northern Ireland N8 ;  Scotland S3 ; United States U4 ;  Wales W1 

Also relevant texts may be found in General and Comparative Law (General 510) and in Jurisprudence (Jurisp 510).