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Canada : legal resources: Case law : regional & provincial

Canadian provincial & regional law reports in print

Printed resources on Level 1


Western Weekly Reports WWR Cw Can W100 W30

This series includes "The Judgments delivered by and originating in the courts of Alberta, BC, Manitoba and Saskatchewan." It has a complex publishing history which can affect how it is cited. Please read guide produced by if confused!



Atlantic Province Reports    (1983 - )    Cw Can 100 A50
Alberta Law Reports (1908 - 2003)    Cw Can Alb 100 A10
Alberta Reports (1977 - ) Cw Can Alb 100 A20
British Columbia Law Reports    (1867/69 - ) Cw Can BC 100 B10
Manitoba [Law] Repports     (1875 - ) Cw Can Man 100 M25
Ontario Reports O R. (1882 - 2003)   Cw Can 100 O40
Recueils de Jurisprudence du Quebec    (1976/77 - ) Cw Can Qu 100 R32
Saskatchewan Reports (1980 - 2004) Cw Can Sask 100 S20


Provinces & territories law reports & case transcripts

Holders of an Oxford SSO should check the contents of the following:

Sources of the transcripts of Canadian provincial judgments on the free web are: