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Finding Canadian commentary in the Bodleian Law Library

All the monographs in the current Canadian collection are on Level 2, as part of the sequence of texts arranged initially by legal subject/topic rather than jurisdiction.  Books in this subject sequence all have shelf marks beginning K

(The monographs which continue to have shelf marks in the range Cw Can 450 to Cw Can 610 are in the secondary collection of superseded works on the Ground Floor. They remain freely accessible (via stairs or lift) to anyone who wishes to consult them.)


Canadian commentary in the K subject classification sequence


The following is an overview of the principal sections in the K (or Moys) sequence -  with examples  of works on Canadian law.

As the examples show, not all these works have "of Canada" or "Candian" or "of Quebec" etc in their titles. The shelf mark itself can help you identify works on Canadian law -  in many sections look out for C1 or CAN in the third line.

KB Biography, Memoirs, "popular" accounts of trials 

eg KB.66.CAN.MUR 2007 The Persons Case : the Origins and Legacy of the Fight for Legal Personhood 

KC International law & law with international dimension

eg KC.214.CAN.BOT 2015 Canadian Extradition Law &  Practice

KL Legal System, Administration of Justice

KL.21 is just for books on the Canadian legal system
eg KL.21.MCC 2013 is Introduction to the Law & Legal System of Canada 

In most of the other KL shelf marks C1 in the third line identifies a Canadian-focused work.
eg KL.221.C1.MUT 2007  The Empirical Gap in Jurisprudence : a Comprehensive Study of the Supreme Court of Canada

KM Public Law 

C1 in the third line of the shelf mark indicates a work about Canadian public law

eg KM.201.2.C1.GIL 2012 The Charter at Thirty

KN Private Law

 C1 in the third line of the shelf mark indicates a work about Canadian private law

eg KN.10.C1.MAC 2012  The Law of Contracts

Encyclopedic Works

Holders of an Oxford SSO can access
Halsbury's Laws of Canada via LexisLibrary

and the 
Canadian Encyclopedic Digest ("a comprehensive statement of the law of Ontario and the four western provinces - provincial, federal and common law - as derived from the case law and legislation") via Westlaw UK (International Materials)

Institutional respositories & OA

Free guides for citizens